The Frankfurt School, Oikophobia, Lunatic Energy Policies in the West, and Hollywood

Greetings All,

I am a U.K born expat living in the U.S., with an overarching mission to contribute in any way I can to help restore common-sense conservatism on both sides of the Atlantic.

In my initial blogs I will provide some high-level brief overviews of issues that are blighting common sense and ruining economies in the western world. There are multiple dark forces at work, including socialist/marxist ‘progressives’ that are intent on redistribution of wealth across the globe, which, if left unchecked, will result in all of us becoming poorer, with the exception of globalist elite uber-rich forces who are along for the ride to further enrich themselves.

Please find below a great video clip by Bill Whittle that demonstrates how the marxist Frankfurt School founded in the 1920’s has evolved over many decades, with a manifestation within modern day Hollywood, which has served to subvert our culture with anti-capitalist and eco-fascist propaganda that has no foundations in reality. For example, we all remember the movie Avatar, with an obnoxious storyline (despite state-of-the-art effects), released in 2009 – let’s hope that this abomination goes down in history as the high watermark of Hollywood progressive propaganda.

All is not lost. On a positive note, there is currently a major popular awakening of common sense conservative values. The tide has turned, but the current momentum must be maintained, especially in sending a strong message to our elected representatives and continually holding them accountable to “we the people”.

Enjoy, CSM

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